Plug into a bright future as an Electrician!

Are you seeking electrical training to understand residential, commercial, and industrial wiring??  Also, interested in becoming an Electrical Apprentice??  Tired of reading about it and want to do it??  If so, our electrical training program will be YOUR ticket to a high demand technical career in trades.

Many find that a career as an electrician is lucrative, interesting, and stable.  In addition, the career path for an electrician is so varied and comes with multiple choices.  While training to become an electrician, it’s important to be aware of all your options for a future career. Don't wait!  Plan a visit to American Trade School and to learn about the variety of different career paths that will be available upon completion of training.

Our hands-on electrical training program is designed to prepare graduates with the theory and working knowledge in electrical installation, maintenance, and repair.   Overall, our electrical training program prepares graduates for an entry level position in the field.